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  • Architects and the recession

    • 24 Feb 2011

    Architects have taken a beating over the past two years, but have they suffered any permanent damage? How are the UK’s top listed practices faring, and what impact is the recession having on design quality?

  • Canada's construction opportunities

    • 28 Jan 2011

    What makes Canada possibly the most attractive country in the world for contractors right now? Perhaps it’s something to do with the billions of dollars it has to spend on construction. The trick is breaking into this highly lucrative market

  • Raise your game with an MBA

    • 18 Nov 2010

    It takes time, effort and money. But doing an MBA can also help you raise your game and take both your career, and your thinking, to the next level.

  • Benefits of QS work placements

    • 5 Nov 2010

    The young QS started life as a geography student, but a summer placement with a construction contractor changed his career direction.

  • Good Employer Guide 2010

    • 29 Oct 2010

    Building magazine reveals the construction industry's top construction employers

  • The QS apprentice

    • 8 Oct 2010

    Anne Lacey, 19, is a trainee QS at consultant Cyril Sweett. She entered the industry via the Chartered Surveyor Training Trust (CSTT) and hopes to qualify in 2011-2014. She tells us what made her choose to be an apprenticeship

  • How to boost your career without changing job

    • 24 Sep 2010

    Work out where you want to be, don't be affraid to ask, be flexible and get a mentor. Our experts in construction reveal their top tips on improving your current job

  • Hayes 2010 construction salary survey

    • 24 Sep 2010

    There’s no way to sugarcoat this: contractors’ pay is down and benefits are under threat, too. We look at the figures in the latest construction salary survey and asks how employers and employees can stick together through the hard times

  • David Nurser on his new venture: Paragon

    • 17 Sep 2010

    He has a voracious appetite for risk-taking. First he set up the surveying firm CNP in a recession. And now he’s a year into his second venture, Paragon (more great timing)

  • Africa's construction opportunities

    • 17 Sep 2010

    African construction has long stood in the shadow of its Middle Eastern neighbours. But booms in tourism and population mean UK building expertise will get a warm welcome

  • iPod generation calling the shots

    • 9 Sep 2010

    Ignore those iPod-toting Tweeters at your peril. They are the office users of the future. We report on how both commercial and residential design will have to adapt to the lifestyle of the Facebook generation

  • 101 under 28s on careers in construction

    • 6 Aug 2010

    Building magazine has launched a project to find out what construction’s younger generation really think about the industry they’ve chosen to spend their careers in

  • Construction consultants: Salary guide 2010

    • 25 Jun 2010

    This year’s Building/Hays Construction & Property pay guide tells a familiar story of cuts and freezes. Find out who’s getting by on economy baked beans, and why employers might be about to get a lot of belly aching

  • Brazil's construction opportunities

    • 10 Jun 2010

    It’s hosting the 2014 World Cup, and the 2016 Olympics, and has emerged from the credit crunch with barely a scratch. So why aren’t more UK firms working there?

  • About students and graduates

    • 20 May 2010

    This is a one-stop shop for all construction students, graduates and young professionals

  • About networking

    • 20 May 2010

    There is something to be said for meeting likeminded professionals and future employees in a less formal environment than an interview

  • About international careers

    • 20 May 2010

    The economy is still on a downturn and the weather is unpredictable!

  • About interviews and companies

    • 20 May 2010

    Ever wondered what others in the construction industry do on a day-to-day basis? Ever thought of starting your own business?

  • About job advice

    • 20 May 2010

    Are you a graduate applying for your first job, in employment but wanting a change of careers, or have been made redundant and need advice this your one-stop shop?

  • About salary survey

    • 20 May 2010

    Ever wondered what a housebuilder’s average salary is? Curious to find out if working abroad pays more?