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  • What does ‘fit for purpose’ mean for today’s world?

    • 16 Aug 2023

    The scandal at the CBI is an opportunity for us all to reflect on how we treat each other in the workplace, writes Sadie Morgan

  • ‘I came back from maternity leave and didn’t have a desk’ How one CEO is using her experiences to help others

    • 16 Aug 2023

    The boss of M&E consultant FHP believes opportunities for women are, finally, looking up – just don’t make them wear a pink hard hat

  • Time for ministers to enforce boardroom diversity? Meet Lara Oyedele

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Have we reached the point where diversity needs to be enforced through regulation? The CIH president thinks so

  • Can T levels help to solve construction’s skills crisis?

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Ben Flatman takes a look at how T levels might help to change the construction education landscape

  • Why women are over mentored and under promoted

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Research shows men and women’s experience of mentoring is very different – this is what has been missing

  • Construction should adopt a coaching style of management to make every person count

    • 16 Aug 2023

    Construction still suffers from a culture more likely to turn workers away than encourage new recruits. Dave Stitt says this has to change.

  • The men speaking up about gender equality in construction

    • 16 Aug 2023

    A discussion about gender with the twist that it featured an all-male panel is just what we need right now. Here’s why.

  • We need go back to the root causes of construction’s mental health challenge

    • 16 Aug 2023

    The sad truth is that, as an industry, we focus too much on reactive solutions that can only catch people when they fall, says Seddon’s Nicola Hodkinson

  • The young and the self-made

    • 28 Oct 2011

    In this unforgiving market, starting a career in the construction industry can seem an impossible task. But inspiration may be found in some young entrepreneurs who have taken their fate into their own hands.

  • Contactors salary survey 2011

    • 28 Oct 2011

    Frozen salaries have got many looking to change jobs, according to this year’s contractor salary survey compiled by Hays Construction. So what’s the outlook for those who have forgotten what a pay rise is?

  • Investing in training

    • 28 Oct 2011

    It’s tempting to cut when times get hard, but investment in training and developing new talent is vital to the industry’s future. Here’s how three major firms are offering tomorrow’s leaders the chance to learn the skills they’ll need

  • RICS chief executive Sean Tompkins

    • 28 Oct 2011

    The RICS has faced a lot of criticism lately, with its global expansion drive and proposal to drop its top level qualification under fire

  • Top 200 construction consultants

    • 28 Oct 2011

    This year’s Top 200 consultants survey shows that staff numbers and salaries are finally climbing. But it also warns not to let the optimism go to your head

  • Housebuilders' salary survey 2011

    • 28 Oct 2011

    Some housebuilders this year will find a nice bonus in their paypacket, and that’s on top of a decent salary. But for others, something altogether less welcome is in store.

  • Mongolia’s construction opportunities

    • 9 Sep 2011

    Mongolia is famous for many things, and being a hotspot of construction activity is not among them - but perhaps it should be. Thanks to a booming economy, the country is developing at a rate of knots.

  • Top 150 contractors and housebuilders

    • 11 Aug 2011

    Looking at recent trading updates you’d be forgiven for thinking that the industry was on the road to recovery. But there’s a few big hurdles to jump over yet, and this will take some time.

  • Recruiting for a sustainable future

    • 11 Aug 2011

    The specialist at recruitment firm Allen & York claims there is a major increase in roles within the sustainability industry

  • Mixing career and parenthood

    • 21 Jul 2011

    What happens when you decide to have a child but your career is also important to you? Is there a way if fusing family and employment in the construction industry? A project manager at the end of her maternity leave discusses the pros and cons of mixing the two.

  • Construction work in the Middle East

    • 14 Jul 2011

    The Middle East crash meant job losses and unrecovered debts for many construction firms - and a scaling back of operations. Now, with infrastructure investment and a World Cup to prepare for, it might be worth taking another look.

  • Brazil’s construction opportunities

    • 7 Jul 2011

    Across the Atlantic lies a land of opportunity with £182bn to invest by 2013, the world’s biggest sporting events to host, and new-found oil. Luke McLeod-Roberts finds adventure - and adversity - in Brazil