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  • Revealed: Construction's top employers 2014

    • 2 Jan 2015

    We reveal the 50 firms that make up the Building Good Employer Guide 2014 as well as the top five firms picked by the judges for special praise

  • Class of 2014

    • 1 Jan 2015

    Meet our Class of 2014: 14 young recruits embarking on their careers in construction

  • Expat hotspots

    • 9 Sep 2014
    • Joey Gardiner

    Global construction is set to boom over the next decade, so where are UK construction consultants most in demand?

  • Why be a distance learner?

    • 18 Jun 2014
    • Chloe McCulloch

    More and more construction professionals who want to gain a competitive edge to progress their careers are turning to distance learning. Just don’t think of it as the easy option

  • Inteview: Tony Burton

    • 11 Jun 2014
    • Iain Withers

    The Construction Industry Council’s new chairman wants the body to make a strong case on behalf of the industry’s professionals. He talks about skills shortages, improving the image of construction and stepping into the limelight

  • Hays international salary survey 2014

    • 5 Jun 2014
    • Jim Dunton

    As memories of the dark days of recession in the UK fade, working abroad may no longer be a necessity, but is often still an attractive option.Jim Dunton looks at Hays’ International Salary Survey 2014 for regions that are on the up

  • The 2014 consultants' salary survey

    • 7 May 2014
    • Iain Withers

    Wages are still slowly on the up according to this year’s Building/Hays Construction consultants’ salary survey, but more significant is the drive towards recruitment in 2014, with firms seeking - and competing for - new talent to avoid skills shortages on the horizon

  • Trouble at the top

    • 9 Apr 2014
    • Chloe McCulloch

    Bad managers can have a big impact on staff morale and productivity levels, and they could even pose a serious threat to the industry’s upturn. So why are there so many of them?

  • Almost 60% of QSs had a salary increase last year

    • 26 Feb 2014
    • Iain Withers

    RICS salary survey finds average quantity surveyor is paid £48,752

  • Staff are finally reaping the rewards of construction's recovery

    • 21 Feb 2014
    • Sean Tompkins

    Our RICS salary survey shows pay is going up across the board - and that’s just one reason to be cheerful

  • Skills shortages: Let the right ones in

    • 20 Feb 2014
    • Will Hurst

    With the upturn in work has come predictions of a skills shortage. But the CIC’s Jack Pringle thinks the need for architects, QSs and engineers is already so critical that we should be sourcing them from outside the UK and Europe

  • Should I stay or should I go?

    • 31 Jan 2014
    • Mike Brown

    For young UK construction professionals looking with gloom at this country’s embattled industry, overseas work has long seemed a tempting prospect. But as work here picks up, can the UK retain and even regain its skilled staff?

  • Courses to improve your CV

    • 18 Nov 2011

    Is your CV as good as it could be? With 2012 looking tough, now’s the time to upskill and gain knowledge to win the race for jobs and further your career. Here are three courses that could put you in the fast lane

  • The young and the self-made

    • 28 Oct 2011

    In this unforgiving market, starting a career in the construction industry can seem an impossible task. But inspiration may be found in some young entrepreneurs who have taken their fate into their own hands.

  • Contactors salary survey 2011

    • 28 Oct 2011

    Frozen salaries have got many looking to change jobs, according to this year’s contractor salary survey compiled by Hays Construction. So what’s the outlook for those who have forgotten what a pay rise is?

  • Investing in training

    • 28 Oct 2011

    It’s tempting to cut when times get hard, but investment in training and developing new talent is vital to the industry’s future. Here’s how three major firms are offering tomorrow’s leaders the chance to learn the skills they’ll need

  • RICS chief executive Sean Tompkins

    • 28 Oct 2011

    The RICS has faced a lot of criticism lately, with its global expansion drive and proposal to drop its top level qualification under fire

  • Top 200 construction consultants

    • 28 Oct 2011

    This year’s Top 200 consultants survey shows that staff numbers and salaries are finally climbing. But it also warns not to let the optimism go to your head

  • Housebuilders' salary survey 2011

    • 28 Oct 2011

    Some housebuilders this year will find a nice bonus in their paypacket, and that’s on top of a decent salary. But for others, something altogether less welcome is in store.

  • Mongolia’s construction opportunities

    • 9 Sep 2011

    Mongolia is famous for many things, and being a hotspot of construction activity is not among them - but perhaps it should be. Thanks to a booming economy, the country is developing at a rate of knots.