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Small firms with big ideas

Published on: 9 Apr 2010

Many of the industry’s innovators – those that have invented new ways of solving problems, working more efficiently, saving money and building sustainably – are small firms.

These cutting-edge companies are cutting edge because they can change shape quickly, seek out new niches and develop innovations to suit emerging trends. The problem is, of course, is that they are hard to meet.

Meet the firms:
  • SEArch Architects, Lincolnshire: Specialises in earth-sheltered housing
  • Mason Navarro Pledge: Engineer offers a broad mix of skills
  • Thomson Gray: QS plays a big role in the Scottish healthcare scene
  • Provelio: Project manager launched by former Currie & Brown staff
  • Robert Wynter & Partners: Firm specialises in using engineering to save money
  • King Shaw Associates: Engineer’s skill is using physics to understand the construction process
  • Eckersley O’Callaghan Structural Design: Engineer specialises in glass work and quirky projects
  • Southfacing: Sustainability expert develops software to help design low-carbon buildings
  • Cator + Co: Converts rural buildings into sustainable developments and offers property and planning advice
  • Echelon: Firm specialises in social housing procurement

Find out more about these fims, how they operate and their specialist work in the full report published in Building: Innovative SMEs: 10 small firms with big ideas.