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Job hunting trends for construction

Published on: 4 Mar 2010

If you are anxious about finding work this year, then you are in the majority.

Our recent online survey on 'Are you more or less optimistic about finding work this year' has found that a whopping 89% of you are finding the prospect of job searching this year daunting.

Nearly half the survey respondents were QSs, the remainder split almost evenly between architects, project managers and building surveyors.

The majority said they would not put job hunting on hold despite the lack of prospects, although almost half would work for free to gain experience.

As many a 33% of you sent out up to 10 applications between January and February, with 22% sending out over 50 CVs. An astonishing 78% said that less than 5% of applications have resulted in a first interview.

Most admitted that they would use the same job hunting methods as the previous year, with well over the majority placing internet job boards like Building4Jobs above all others.

Surprisingly, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter scored the lowest point at just 1%, with the remainder of the respondents opting for the more conventional methods such as searching through newspapers, magazines and visiting job centres.

The majority admitted to also looking for work abroad, with the Americas and Australasia seemingly the most popular destination.

Perhaps due to the recent bad press, the UAE scored pretty low, with only 11% of respondents admitting to looking for work in the oil rich nations.

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