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How to boost your career without changing job

Published on: 24 Sep 2010
  • Work out where you want to be. Kate Tilley, HR director of WSP, says you should first identify where you want to go in your career and then find out the routes to your goal.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. Tilley says: “In tough times people tend to put their heads down as they think it’s dangerous to do otherwise, but it’s good to ask how you can develop your career or your staff as it shows enthusiasm.”
  • Be flexible and mobile. Tilley says: “In this downturn, the people who have put their hands up for roles around the country have tended to be those who’ve already been through a recession. Follow their lead and have a ’try anything’ attitude.”
  • Seek people who need help. Judith Bufton , head of leadership and development at Wates, says: “See if you can help busy teams. You could get involved with a bid, which could broaden your experience of customers and types of buildings.”
  • Identify a business improvement. Bufton says if you can work out a way to improve something at work, you could make it your project to implement it, which could boost your CV.
    Get a mentor. Bufton says: “Seek out someone you admire or respect and ask for monthly or quarterly meetings to learn about the business, their job and what’s happening in your industry. Most people will be flattered if approached.”
  • Make a business case for your development. Bufton says: “Demonstrate that the training you want will help the business. For example, attending a course on sustainable technology might bring fresh ideas into the company.”