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Galliford Try defends the hybrid model

Published on: 19 Feb 2010

Greg Fitzgerald has never been on the internet in his entire life. He has never sent an email, has no idea what the Google homepage looks like and admits he would have trouble even switching on a computer. It becomes quickly apparent that the chief executive of Galliford Try is comfortable being different – a good thing, perhaps, for someone heading one of the few hybrid construction/housebuilder businesses in the industry.

Speaking from the computer-free zone of his Uxbridge office, it’s clear that running against the herd is not something that concerns Fitzgerald in the slightest: “Just because we’re one of the only ones with a hybrid model, that doesn’t mean we’re wrong,” he says. “It could mean that everyone else is wrong.”

Read the full article printed in Building: Game of two halves: Galliford Try’s Greg Fitzgerald defends the hybrid model.