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Finding the right career path at work

Published on: 4 Mar 2010

I suppose you could say I was one of the lucky ones.

Upon leaving university with a BSc and MSc in civil engineering, I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse with the opportunity of obtaining some real world experience at Hill International as an assistant consultant.

Going into a company like Hill could have been a slightly daunting experience but I felt that my studies were complete, and my knowledge would hold me head and shoulders above the rest. On the contrary, as it turns out!

My first day started nice and early with official induction, several handshakes, a tour of the office and introductions to people whose names I tried hard to remember.

This was followed by silence in the office, save for the clicking of mice and tapping of keyboards. This was until opinions were requested on a specific contractual topic.

Suddenly the office roared into life with the view points of well seasoned individuals who came from a multitude of disciplines being volleyed into the mix and discussed.

I think it was at this point that I realised that I would feel comfortable in this environment.

The future to come

Looking forward, I plan to continue with my studies with a focus towards the contract law aspects of the industry.

My brief introduction to the claims and disputes side of the construction world has whetted my appetite for more.

Over the past several months I have heard, seen and read many things which have made me more confident in using the knowledge that I have gained.

And, I am continually learning within the work environment. 

I am confident that with the right cocktail of knowledge and experience I can happily see myself progressing with Hill.