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Find a job in construction

Published on: 5 Jun 2009

Recession advice

Building4jobs provides tips on coping with the recession and offers a helping hand for those unfortunate enough to have been made redundant in recent time.

Guides to professions

Ever wondered what it means to be a structural or environmental engineer? Discover the right route to a career in architecture and learn what a quantity surveyor actually does.

Salary surveys

Our salary surveys will keep you up-to-date with who is earning what in each sector of the construction industry.

Job seeking advice

Learn how to design a CV that will get you noticed, and brush up on your interview techniques to win the job of your dreams. We offer advice from industry experts on everything you need to know for a job in construction.


Building4jobs can help you go freelance and offers a free service that allows you to sell your skills and set your own pay at Building Freelance. This section also helps you to set up as a freelancer and explains all you need to know about your legal rights as a freelance construction worker.

Interviews and companies

Read about individuals who have made a successful career in construction, be it in a firm or as entrepreneurs. We feature company profiles and case studies which will help you find the right employer.

International careers

The international section is for graduates or other construction workers wishing to escape abroad. Find out what working life is really like in the UAE, Asia, the Americas and Europe from those who have been brave – or lucky – enough to make the move.


Keep up-to-date with the latest events, be it in real time such as Building's Phase One or in the virtual world such as the Virtual Careers Fair where you can network with major construction firms and find your next career from the comfort of your home.

Students and graduates

Students and recent graduates can have their say on Building4jobs. Read the latest blogs, and share your experiences with other students and graduates.

HR advice

HR professionals can get advice on how to attract and retain the best staff and information on issues such as change management. The advice shown here can be equally enlightening for job seekers who can learn how to make a good impression on their employer.

News about Building4jobs

Building4jobs was short-listed for the 2009 National Online Recruitment Awards (NORA). The specialist career site was nominated by UK job seekers for the prestigious award.

This year NORA received almost 25,000 nominations for 654 separate websites. A panel of judges has narrowed this down to 66 finalists in 12 categories.

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