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Do an unusual MSc

Published on: 14 May 2010

“Some of the postgraduate courses out there might surprise you,” says Jill Minter, faculty of engineering marketing manager at Nottingham University. The faculty offers some of the most intriguing courses.

For lovers of gadgetry and maps, the list includes an MSc in Engineering Surveying and Geodesy, a course that gives you a deep understanding of surveying devices and techniques, from GPS to photogrammetry (photography-based mapping).

There’s also a masters in Environmental Management and Earth Observation, which is designed to show environmental managers how features in the environment can be located and measured using earth observation technology. Or how about the Pavement Engineering masters? This gives you the technical knowledge to engineer pavements and pavement systems for roads, airports and railways.

Minter says Nottingham’s civil engineering faculty offers funding support for many of these courses, and scholarships are available for some, so “it might be more feasible for you to do an MSc than you think”.

Learn more at Nottingham University.